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Dhruva HE Series

We now present to you Dhruva HE, the brightest star among our products. Dhruva, the machine has worked for hundreds of satisfied customers over the years & helped them achieve greater results.

Dhruva machines are flexible to suit diverse customer requirements. Dhruva HE perfectly aligns with your requirements, offering the right combination of precision with quality, productivity, performance with reliability, and flexibility.

Brand Story Save - Save Dhruva / HSTC 3050 : Dhruva or the Pole Star is the brightest star in the Earth’s orbit and is one of the most prominent. Dhruva is also the name of an ancient Indian King who attained the throne at the age of six and ruled his kingdom productively & justly for decades. He attained the position of becoming the Pole Star by virtue of a boon given by Lord Brahma, part of the Holy Trinity among Indian Gods. Similarly the BFW HSTC 3050 is worthy of its name on account of its meeting its customers’ requirements with the right combination of precision with quality, productivity, performance with reliability, and flexibility with accuracy. Dhruva / HSTC 3050 embodies the Dhruva (the Pole star) for it truly stands­out and shines on your shop floor.

Unique Selling Features Drilling & Milling Made Easy
High speed positioning
Faster spindle orientation
Faster fixed cycle
Various table options : Fixed table, Rotary table, Tilting rotary table
Standard Feature LM guide-ways for all axes
Precise ball-screws for all axes
Centralised oil lubrication system
absolute encoder feedback for all axes
Air blast for spindle taper cleaning
Electronic counter balance for vertical axes
Tool clamping through disc springs and de-clamp by lever
Basic coolant system with bed wash and flood coolant
Coolant Tank
Operator door safty interloak
3 - tier signal tower lamp
Machine lamp
Coolant gun
Covers and wipers for guide way protection

Optional Feature Height block; 150 mm & 250 mm
Provision for 4th & 5th axes
Rotary twin automatic pallet changer, 550 x 390, safeload capacity 120 kg, change time 8 sec
Chip conveyor & drum filtration
High pressure coolant through spindle (16 bar/ 40 bar )with suitable filtration
Oil skimmer
Automatic front door
Toll breakage sensor
Interfacing for robot loading
Linear scale integrated LM guide-ways
Thermal compensation sensors for all linear axes
Measuring probe