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The rigid single piece 45° Slant bed made of high grade cast iron with heavily ribbed structure offers improved power & torque, enabling heavier cuts & chatter free production, with improved tool life giving effective solutions.

Brand Story Variety of materials, and variety operations in single set-up (Clamp once and Finish all the operations)

Unique Selling Features Swivel Operator panel
Excess Lube oil - separated out in both axes for better coolant & tool life
Single piece 45°Slant Saddle facilitating easy chip flow
Standard Feature Rigid cast structure for structural parts
Cartridge type main spindle supported on 3 large size angular contact bearings on front side and roller bearings on rear side .
Power transmission via V belt drive
Heavy Duty LM guide and ground ball-screws for X and Z axis
Hydraulically operated 3 jaw closed center chuck
with closed center rotating cylinder with safety valve
12 station hydraulic turret with one axial tool holder
4 nos. Ø 40 boring tool holders and set of reduction sleeves
Tail stock with hydraulically operated quill and manual hooking arrangement of movement of tail stock via Z axis slide
Foot switch for chuck and tailstock.
Electrical cabinet with heat exchanger.
Tool life management
Automatic centralised lubrication system
Hydraulic power pack
Manual pulse generator
Machine lamp and three tier lamp
Totally enclosed machine guard
Front sliding door with safety interlock
Maintenance tool ,machine leveling and foundation kits
One set of machine manuals

Optional Feature Hydraulically operated 3 jaw power operated Ø wedge type hollow chuck with hollow rotary cylinder in lieu of standard chuck
Hi low dual clamping for chuck
Extra boring and axial tool holder ( 40, □ 25 shank)
Extra set of soft jaws
Extra set of reduction sleeves
Programmable tail stock in lieu of standard tailstock
Hydraulic steady rest-Stationary
AC for electrical cabinet
Auto door
Bar feed system
Part catcher