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Table working surface (mm)1200 x 600(47.2"x23.6")
Longitudinal travel(X) (mm)1020(40.2")
Cross travel(Y) (mm)610(24")
Vertical travel(Z) (mm)500(19.7")
Spindle nose to table (mm)100~600(3.9"~23.6")
Spindle center to slideway (mm)BBT-40 / HSK A63 (Opt.)
Spindle taper60~15000 direct drive spindle (Std.)
15000 / 18000 / 20000 built-in spindle(Opt.)
Spindle speed (rpm)7.5 / 11 direct drivie spindle (Std.)
17 / 21 built-in spindle(Opt.)
Spindle motor (kW)40 / 40 / 24
X. Y. Z Rapid traverse (m / min)1~12000
Cutting feed rate (mm / min)Bi-direction, Change tools in the shortest distance
Tool magazine carry24 Tools for Arm type(Std.)
No. of tools32 Tools or more for Arm type(Opt.)
Adjacent pockets max.tool dia (mm)75(3")
Max. tool diameter (mm)100(3.9")
Max. tool length (mm)300(11.8")
Max. tool weight (kg)10(22 lb)
Table load capacity (kg)800(1760 lb)
Machine weight (kg)8000(17600 lb)
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)3140 x 2912 x 2910(123.6"x114.6"x114.6")
Cutting capacity(S45C) - milling (cc / min)240
Cutting capacity(S45C) - drilling (mm)30
Cutting capacity(S45C) - tappingM30 x P3.5

※ All data subject to change without notice.
※ All the specifications are listed with the FANUC CNC system.


  • Coolant System
  • Spindle Air Blast
  • Auto Lubrication with Alarm
  • Tools,Tool Box and Various Manuals
  • LED Working lamp
  • Screw Type Chip Conveyor
  • Spindle Cooler
  • Full Enclosure Splash Guard
  • FANUC 0iMD Controller


  • Contact tool setting system (Renishaw TS-27R or BLUM NT-A2 / NT-A3 )
  • CNC Rotary Table
  • High Pressure Coolant Thru Tool Tip
  • High Pressure Coolant Thru Spindle ( 20/30 bar or more)
  • Arm Type ATC for 32/40 Tools or more (BBT-40, HSK A63)
  • Chain Type Chip Conveyor
  • Built-in spindle(15000/18000/20000 rpm for HSK A63 )
  • Internal Cooling Ballscrew
  • Electronic compensation of thermal expansion
  • Workpiece measuring system (OMP-60)