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In hard part machining the need for accuracy & repeatability, extreme dynamics, superior surface finish and better ergonomics are the challenges being faced by Die & Mould industry today.

It is an apt solution for high speed machining and hard part machining.

The machine has proven to be the right import substitute for high end equipment in the machine tool market.

To meet these challenges we have launched a new the series of vertical machining centre KRYPTON 5, KRYPTON 6 to provide complete solution for Die & Mould machining.

The KRYPTON offers better characteristics suitable for Injection molds, forging dies, casting dies and many more applications.

KRYPTON is a member of group 18 elements and is a colorless, odorless and tasteless noble gas. KRYPTON is inert for most practical purposes and hence signifies stable properties under challenging conditions (physical & chemical). The BFW KRYPTON­series of machine tools, have been designed & developed for machining hardened dies, & hard parts (62 HRc and above). Like the inert gas KRYPTON, the BFW KRYPTON­series exhibit thermal stability despite the pressures they are subjected to.
Ac variable speed spindle motor
Feedback by absolute encoder
Automatic tool changer with 20 tools
Spindle speed of 15000 rpm with chiller
Rigid tapping
Electronic counterbalance
Basic coolant system with chip tray
Manual pulse generator
Machine lamp
Leveling kit
Centralized automatic lubrication
Maintenance tool kit
AC for Electrical cabinet
Air curtain
Telescopic covers and wipers
Full machine guard
RS 232 serial interface
built in magnetic linear glass scale feedback
Ball screw nut cooling