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Machine Features:

The original power turret design is replaced by Y-axis with tool holder design. It can house :
  • 6 pcs O.D. turning tools
  • 4 pcs I.D. stationary tools
  • 4 pcs cross driven tools
  • 4 pcs front off-center driven tools


Spindle with collect chuck

Part catcher

Standard Accessories:

  • Collet chuck (1 pc)
  • Foot chuck switch (1pc)
  • Work light (1 pc)
  • Coolant device (1 set)
  • Leveling bolts and pads (4 pcs)
  • Tools and tool box (1 set)
  • O.D. turning tools (6 pcs)
  • I.D. stationary tools (4 pcs)
  • Cross driven tools (4 pcs)
  • Front off-center driven tools (4 pcs)

Optional Accessories:

  • CF Axis (1 pc)
  • Chip conveyor (1 pc)
  • Chip bucket (1 pc)
  • Part catcher (1 pc)

Machine Specifications:

Max. Machining Dia.25 mm
Max. Machining LengthBar diameter x 3
X Axis165 mm
Z Axis150 mm
Y Axis148 mm
Bore of Spindle34 mm
Bar Capacity26 mm
Spindle NoseØ85 mm
Collet Type161 E / 25 mm
Spindle Motor2.2 kw / 3 H.P.
X, Z, Y Axis Motor0.75 kw
Cross and Front off-Center Driven Tools Motor0.75 kw
Spindle Speed100-6000 r.p.m.
Cross Spindle Speed200-6000 r.p.m.
Front off-Center Driven Tool Speed200-6000 r.p.m.
Spindle Indexing
Rapid Traverse Speed (X, Z, Y Axis)18 m/min
Min. Input Unit0.001 mm
O.D. Tooling6
O.D. Tool Dimension□12 X 12 X 100
I.D. Tooling4
I.D. Tool DimensionØ20 mm
I.D. Tool Max. Drilling Dia.Ø20 mm
I.D. Tool Max. Tapping Dia.M8
Cross Driven Tooling4
Cross Driven Tooling Dimension10 mm (ER16)
Cross Driven Tool Max. Drilling Dia.Ø10 mm
Cross Driven Tool Max. Tapping Dia.M8
Front off-Center Driven Tooling4
Front off-Center Driven Tool Dimension10 mm (ER16)
Front off-Center Driven Tool Max. Drilling Dia.Ø10 mm
Front off-Center Driven Tool Max. Tapping Dia.M8
Coolant Pump1/2 H.P.
Hydraulic Pump1/2 H.P.
Dimension1420 x 1210 x 1710 mm
Weight1158 kgs

* We reserve the rights to change the design without any prior notification.