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Ram - Type Series

Sudarshan, BVL 1200 serves your needs for years. Constructed on a single solid casting, Sudarshan is a stable and rigid quality product. Motor bodies, wheels, drums, castings, cylinders, impellers, bull gears, , and a variety of parts for the railways, shipping, earth moving, automobile, and power sectors, are turned conventionally on the Sudarshan BVL 1200.

Prima is a product made for Futurist is easy to load and hold heavy and large components on the BVL 1200 .

Brand Story

Unique Selling Features The ram moves vertically over the cross slide, which, in turn, moves horizontally on the carriage.
The carriage moves vertically through a motor - lead screw arrangement secured with hydraulic clamps.
This reduces ram overhang and results in good accuracy.
Standard Feature ZF dual speed gear box
Full machine guard
Automatically oil lubricated table spindle & slides
Hydraulically counterbalanced ram slide
coolant system complete with tank, manual chip try & pump
Flush coolant system around the base
4 jaw independent manual chuck / face plate
Environment controlled electric cabinet
Turning tool holder with BT50 taper
Boring tool holder with BT50 taper
Manual pulse generator on operator pannel
Wedge type leveling mounts
Machine Manual

Optional Feature High speed ( 0 - 350 rpm) table spindle
live tool standard torque spindle with C axis encoder resulution of ± 0.01º
live tool high torque (P class motor) spindle with C axis encoder resulution of ± 0.01º
C axis encoder resulution of ± 0.01º
Coolant through spindle ( to be ordered with full machine clading)
Vertical travel of cross rail ( Z 1 axis) with positioning & clamping
3 jaw self centring hydraulic power chuck
20 station automatic tool changer
Chip conveyor with bin ( in lieu of chip tray) - slat / scraper
Basic machine guard or half machine guard (not advisable with coolant through spindle combination)
Linear scale for X-axis
Work piece probe
Paint shade
Voltage stabilizer