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TSP 350 Series

High performance vertical machining Centre. Modular platform for Global clients needs.

Indo-German engineering optimize precision with agility. Capability to convert "Raw - to - Finish" - for precision Aluminum components.

High speed machining for mass production.

Accutron is a type of watch in which the balance wheel and hairspring are replaced by a tuning fork kept in vibration by a tiny internal battery – this watch combines precision with agility to convey time in even micro­seconds. BFW’s Accutron embodies these qualities in the machine tool world, by replicating these twin positives for precision aluminum component machining and path­breaking cutting time / ideal time ratio to maximize operational time & cost savings.
Feasibility of pallet changer with 4th axis on both sides
Built-in linear scale for all axes
15000 spindle rpm
60 m/ min rapid for all axis
1 G acceleration for all axes
Chip-to-chip time - 1.5 sec per spindle