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400 MCR (Tej)

Tej is specially built to meet your requirement of machining powertrain components of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The fast, flexible and compact Tej comes to you with many advantages.

Brand Story Tej, the luminous and radiant series of compact High Speed Horizontal Machining Centers offer high speed, superior precision, flexibility, compact foot print & energy saving benefits.

Unique Selling Features Easy accommodation in machining lines, narrow width
Single-lift quick installation
Option of pallet changer-less configuration and with various tables such as NC table, rotary table, tilting table, etc.
Option of various table configurations such as only B-axis, only A-axis, A+B or 5-axes, etc.
On-line hydraulics
Sustained accuracy, roller guide-ways
Option of linear scale feedback and ball screw cooling
Standard Feature Roller type guide-ways for all linear axes
Precise ball-screws for all linear axes
Electronic counter balance on the vertical axes
Automatic centralized lubrication system
Air blast for spindle taper cleaning
Tool clamping through disc springs and de-clamp by hydraulics
Basic coolant system with chip conveyor
Lamella covers on linear axes
directly coupled spindle
absolute encoders for all axes
BT 30 / BT 40 spindle tapper
20 tools tool magazine
absolute encoders for all axes
Simultaneous interpolation upto 4 axes
Linear, circular and helical interpolation
Tool life management
Machine alarm diagnostics
overhead shower wash
Energy saving function
Operator door safety interlock

Optional Feature Automatic pallet changer (servo-driven, rotary type)
HSK spindle
Motorized (integral) spindle with cooling
Continuous rotary table ( 0.001 deg x 360000)
High pressure coolant-through-spindle system (16 bar/ 40 bar) wih suitable filtration system
Minimum quantity lubrication
Linear scale feedback (magnetic scales, guide-way integrated)
Sensors for linear axis thermal compensation
Tool breakage sensor
Mist collector
Coolant chiller
USB interface
AICC - ii function (Only for Fanuc)
Part programme memory 2 MB