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BMV 35+ (Gaurav+)

Brand Story Gaurav in Hindi is used to connote something or someone that is a source of pride to others. When the machine was conceived the design team predicted that this product would bring pride to BFW and the product was named accordingly. It didn’t take long for this compact vertical machining center (VMC) to live up to his prediction. Gaurav+ quickly became a success as customers saw the ease and efficiency with which it performed milling, drilling and tapping operations.
Standard Feature AC servo drives
AC variable speed spindle motor
Hardened and ground ball screws
Feedback through absolute encoder
Automatic tool clamping - unclamping
​Centralised automatic lubrication
Spindle taper air blow
Telescopic covers with wipers
Full machine guard
Manual pulse generator
RS232 serial / USB interface
Levelling pads
Maintenance tool kit


Coolant gun
Air gun
3 Tier lamp
Ring coolant around spindle
Rigid tapping*
Front chip disposal
Electronic counter balance with Fanuc controller


Higher spindle rpm with chiller unit
Higher spindle power


AC for electrical cabinet
Air nozzle
Automatic front door
Edge finder
Rear chip disposal
Chip conveyor in lieu of coolant tank with chip tray
Ball screw type automatic pallet changer with twin pallets
16 / 25 / 40 bar coolant through spindle
4th axis rotary table
Voltage stabilizer
Ultra isolation transformer
Increased day light area through column raiser block
Spindle mounted probe
Table mounted probe
Hard part probing (Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi)