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Helix 2050 Y Axis

BH TM 2050 Y - BFW Horizontal Lathe Turn-mill (C- axis) with Y Axis, Chuck size & Z-stroke is 2050

Y-axis (2-Axis Wedge Design and Interpolated Axis) for Reduction of Multiple Set-up Time for Complex Shapes Machining.

Combining turning & milling technologies, BFW brings forth a Turn-Mill-Centers series giving a flexibility to produce complex geometries in one single set-up with distinct competitive edge.

Brand Story BHTM 2050 Y is a Multi-tasking machine, solves the access problem by adding a third linear axis to the turning-center turret--enabling rotary cutters to machine across the spindle center line.

Unique Selling Features Y-axis (2-Axis wedge design and interpolated axis) to mill or drill features that are off the center axis of the primary turned part .
•Y-axis enables complex machining using only one setup.
•Addresses possibility of machining features which are off-centre - Making Easy and high precision off-center machining possible.
•Reduction of multiple set up time for complex shapes machining.
Standard Feature In all the X,Y and Z Axis , high torque (16 Nm) Axis Motors are Used .
3+3 Bearing Arrangement on Tail end and Drive end on all X,Y and Z axis.
CNC SIEMENS 828D (11 Kw)
C-Axis with Hollow Encoder for accurate spindle orientation positioning
12 station Sauter Make Live Tool Turret (Imported) with 4.5kW Power motor for Live Tools.
Chip conveyor (optional)

Optional Feature