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PL 500 EX

PL500-EX CNC Turning Centers are built as rugged, high-performance work horses with a wide variety of options on the types of headstock, turrets, tailstock, chucks and CNC systems.

1. PL500EX / 700, 1100, 1500 and 2000 Lathes with nominal turning lengths of 700, 1100, 1500 and 2000 mm

2. PL500EX-R / 700, 1100, 1500 and 2000 Turn Mill Centres with live turret and C axis capability for turning as well as drilling and milling operations

3. PL500EX-TT / 700, 1100 Twin Carriage Lathes, with 2 opposed top turrets, ideally suited for high production journal turning of crankshafts and camshafts.

Brand Story PL500-EX is the perfect cross-over product that fills the gap between medium-duty and heavy-duty turning centers PL500-EX offers high accuracy with high rigidity and hence high productivity

Unique Selling FeaturesHEADSTOCK

Belt driven headstock for spindle speed of either 16 – 1600 rpm or 24 – 2400 rpm with A2-8 nose and hole through spindle of 105 mm.


Large turret with indexing by hydraulic motor with inbuilt acceleration – deceleration valves for smooth actuation, hydraulic clamping, with tool disc suitable for 25x25 mm shank and 50 mm dia boring bars.

For PL500EX-R, live turret with motor power upto 5.5/7.5 kW or torque upto 48 Nm, VDI 50 holders, live heads for ER40 collet capable of holding tools from 5 to 26 mm dia. For crankshaft journal turning, special disc is used for tool shank of 32 x 25 mm with max overhangs of 80 mm


Rectangular, induction harden and procession ground guideways ​


Dia 125 mm quill with inbuilt revolving spindle for accommodating MT5 centres
Base with either manual or hydraulic clamping.
Positioning on bed by manual or hydraulic linking to saddle for towing
Standard Feature Automatic lubrication for sideways including presser and level switches
Built-in operator's console
Cabin type slash guard
Footswitch for chuck and tailstock
Complete electrical fittings for 3-phase AC 415 +/- 10%, 50 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Coolant level indicator
Front door safety interlock on/off key switch
Front manual door interlock
Hydraulic oil level indicator
Leveling screws and plates
Load meter for spindle (part of the display)
Manual pulse generator
One set of manuals
Process completion lamp
Spindle jog switch
AC for electrical cabinet
Tool box with tool kit
Work light
Write-protect with key switch
Coolant pumping unit with chip tray
AC for electrical cabinet

Optional Feature Direct drive head-stock with pulley and belt-drive, high torque version, 16 - 1,600 rpm, A2-8 nose, 105 dia hole through spindle
Two speed geared headstock with programable hydraulic gear shift, 30 to 3000 rpm OR 20 to 2000 rpm, A2-8 nose, 87 holes through spindle.
Two speed geared headstock with programable hydraulic gear shift, 20 to 2000 rpm, A2-11 nose, 87 holes through spindle.
Ø 315 / Ø 400, 3 jaw self centering hollow chuck with one-set hard and soft jaws, matching with solid cylinder, mounting elements and draw bar.
Biggest self-centering hydraulic steady-rest, range 80 to 280 mm can be accommodated.
Longitudinal chip conveyor / cross chip conveyor
Automatic door
Linear scale for X and Z axis
Voltage stabilizer
Isolation transformer