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PL 500S

Large turret with indexing by hydraulic motor with inbuilt acceleration – deceleration valves for smooth actuation, hydraulic clamping, with tool disc suitable for 25x25 mm shank and 50 mm dia boring bars

PL 500 Shigh Performance Turning Centre- High Rigidity, High Productivity Horizontal Turning Centre

The PL500S is a Medium duty platform of CNC lathe which has been developed to fill the gap between the compact duty PL360 and heavy duty PL600U series.

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Unique Selling Features Sustained accuracy
Hardened & ground guide-ways
Highly rigid hydraulic clamping turret
Easy accessability to turret for tool change
Easy loading and unloading
Efficient chip disposel
Single lift quick Installation
Standard Feature Automatic lubrication for slideways (including pressure & level switches)
Two numbers foot switch for chuck & tailstock
complete electrical fittings for 3 phase AC 415+/- 10% 50 HZ +/- 1 HZ
Coolant system with level indicator & chip tray
Front door safty interlock
Hydraulic power pack along with oil level indicator
Leveling screws and plates
Manual pulse gennerator
One set of manuals in English
Process completion lamp
Machine color as per customer requirement
Air conditioner for main electrical panel

Optional Feature 10 inch 3 jaw chuck & cylinder
12 inch 3 jaw chuck & cylinder
Longitudinal chip conveyor
Cross chip conveyor