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PL 600 Y

The PL600R-Y Horizontal turning center, in this technology Y axis which permits the turret to move vertically up and down for off-center machining to achieve offset drilling & polygon milling.

The Y axis has been created by a Y-slide moving on a column mounted on the rear end of the cross slide. So the Y axis is a real and independent axis with a stroke +/- 80 mm (and not a virtual Y axis created by the interpolation of 2 cross slides as some manufacturers have done.) This will enhance the accuracy.

Brand Story Designed For Superior Performance
BFW’s PL Series is an example of how great machine design delivers versatility and great performance. Its integrated castings provide Rigidity, Productivity and Accuracy that improves tool life.

Unique Selling Features Integral hardened Ground Guide-ways
Live tool turret
Column type Y axis
Geared Head stock
Standard Feature Automatic Lubrication for guide-ways (including pressure & level switches)
Built-in operator's console
Cabin typre splash guard
Foot switch for chuck & tail-stock
Complete electrical fittings for 3 phase AC 415+/- 10% 50 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Coolant level indicator
Front door safety interlock on/ off key switch
Front manual door interlock
Hydraulic oil level indicator
Leveling screws and plates
Load meter for spindle (part of the display)
Manual pulse generator
One set of MAnuals in English
Process completion lamp
Spindle jog switch
Tool box with tool kit
Work light
Write protect with key switch
Coolant pumping unit with chip tray
BFW standard ivory white RAL 9002 machine colour with orange door RAL 2002
Air conditioner for main electrical panel
Tool number display
Separate push button for cycle start & stop
Lifting slings & tube
2 speed geared drive
A2-11 spindle

Optional Feature Dia 105 mm big bore belt drive spindle
Work holding for chuck upto dia 400 mm
Steady rest of maximum clamping range 60-280 mm with side mounted cylinder
Linear scales on X and Z axes with air pressurization to prevent dust entry
Interfacing of gantry for automatic loading & unloading of work piece
Motorized swing arm type probe for measuring tool offsets Radio type job probe for workpiece measurements
Automatic pneumatic operated door
Steady rest narrow arms for crankshaft journal turning applications
Longitudional chip conveyor with chip bin in lieu of coolant with chip tray
Cross chip cnveyor with chip bin in lieu of coolant tank with chip tray