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Swift NX

Swift Nx, 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center for high accuracy profile machining jobs

Brand Story Thermally symmetric structure: Swift machine designed with a rigid structure with high damping capability for better surface finish & longer tool life.

High speed spindle: Best-in-class high speed spindles ensure less cycle time & more productivity.

Simultaneous 5 axes capability: Capable to machine complex geometry with high precision.

Unique Selling Features Availability of A axis Tandem control with Dual Drive
Hydraulic Routings are provided for fixturing
C axis speed is 16 RPM
Shortest angular traverse
TCPM – Tool Center Path Management
3D tool compensation
Standard Feature Roller type guide-ways
for all linear axes
Precise ball-screws
for all linear axes
Electronic counterbalance
for the vertical axis
Automatic centralised grease lubrication system
AC servo drives for all axes
Air blast for spindle taper cleaning
Basic coolant system with bed wash & flood coolant
AC unit for electrical cabinet
Spindle taper
Motorised spindle
Tool magazine 30
tools (Disk type)
Absolute linear encoders for all axes
15” color LCD display
Backlash & pitch error compensation
Rigid tapping & retract function
Simultaneous 5 axes
Linear, circular & helical interpolation
Tool life management
Machine alarm diagnostics
Energy saving function
signal tower lamp
Machine lamp
Coolant gun
Siemens 840 D SL with M dynamics
Coolant tank with dual chip conveyor
Linear magnetic scales (Guideway
Thermal compensation sensors for linear axes

Optional Feature High pressure coolant thru spindle system
(16 bar/ 40 bar) with non consumable
filtration system
Isolation transformer
High speed spindle 20000 Rpm with air oil lubrication
Chiller for clean coolant system
Mist collector
Machine color as per customer requirement
Hydraulic connections for fixture through rotary table
Siemens CADCAM
Standard tool holders
Universal tool presetter
Laser system for measure tool offset & tool breakage
Cad model post processor
Voltage stabiliser
Operator door safety interlock