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Value series

V4 & V6 machines are the Value Series VMCs built to serve the manufacturing industry which is the basic contributor to shop floor productivity and efficiency. Stringent functionality, accuracy & reliability tests on the machines assure performance parameters & safety

Brand Story Unique Selling Features - Roller type LM Guide ways as standard
- Standard spindle high power
- Sustained quality performance due to excellent rigidity.
- Operator’s comfort is assured due to ergonomics
- Effective chip and coolant management.
Standard Feature - Roller type guide-ways for all linear axes
- Precise ball-screws for all linear axes
- Basic coolant system with chip tray
- AC servo drives
- AC Variable speed spindle motor
- Feedback through absolute encoder
- Automatic tool clamping un-clamping
- Centralized automatic lubrication
- Air blast for spindle taper cleaning
- Rigid Tapping
- Air Nozzle near spindle for dry cutting
- Front chip disposal
- Telescopic covers with wipers
- Full machine guard
- RS 232 serial/USB interface
- Levelling pads
- Maintenance toolkit
- Simple tool life management
- 3-tier signal tower lamp
- Machine lamp
- Coolant gun
- Mobile MPG

Unique Selling Features - Rear chip disposal
- 4th axis readiness